Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sea Of Bees 'Songs For The Ravens'

I feel that this particular Sea Of Bees album is the absolute best record to start off, what I certainly hope will be a long and lasting music review blog. Now, I don’t intend to make any sort of career or money or anything from such an endeavor as this. Why am I doing it? I love music, listening to and playing it and I just want to help push music that I feel is good a little bit more out into the world. I’m about 99% sure that hardly anyone will read this blog as there are so many people writing blogs on just about any topic one can think of and you better believe that a music review blog must be in the top three of ALL blogs on the internet. Hopefully, this dopey, little blog will survive. I’m planning on keeping these reviews short and to the point as I realize that you have a busy life and much better things to do with your time…such as, buying/seeing/supporting these artists music.

The album; Sea Of Bees ‘Songs For The Ravens.’ Now THIS is what I call a near perfect album! It’s an indie release on from Julie “Jules” Baenziger , who is essentially Sea Of Bees. Jules is an absolute pleasure and jewel as a singer/songwriter that no one should miss. From haunting pop tunes to real rockers I highly recommend this album. Granted, it’s from 2010 but have you heard it? Probably not but now you have. Check out the video below.